About Karyn

About Karyn

I’ve spent the last 20+ years in other people’s business. Literally! Creating, building, educating, training and developing; I’ve seen it all and probably done most when it comes to business accounting and financial management.

I’ve watched businesses struggle, fail and repeat the process with other business ideas. It wasn’t that the idea was bad, it was 1) the business model wasn’t sustainable, or 2) the financial resources were mismanaged or 3) they couldn’t recover from owing so much in taxes, penalties and interest from ignoring their financial obligation.

Like you, I wanted to live a life of financial independence and freedom. However, I knew that this independence and freedom came with being financially responsible and compliant. What I didn’t realize was that I had a skill that most people didn’t, a skill to crunch numbers. I received an award in high school for being the only student to receive A’s in math every quarter from 9th – 12th grade. You see, I have this relationship with numbers that allow me to give them life. I know that sounds a bit weird but that’s what makes me unique from every other accountant you may know or heard of. I get to know YOU, the business owner so that I can make your numbers a part of your business life. When numbers tell a story, you’re less likely to be intimidated and use them  for growth and strategies.

I’m Karyn Buggs, the Number Crunching Business Strategist. I want to help you breakdown, understand and tell your number story in order to develop strategies for growth and identify gaps and challenges.

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